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Akash Chopra suggests 3 tweaks to India vs New Zealand WTC final rules, says joint winners ‘doesn’t sound right’

A day after the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced that the World Test Championship title will be shared between India and New Zealand if the WTC final ends in a draw or a tie after five full days of Test cricket (450 overs) between June 18 and 22 in Southampton, England, former India opener Aakash Chopra said ‘it doesn’t sound right.’

Chopra said it will leave a sour taste in the mouth if it is not possible to get a champion after toiling hard for two years against some of the best teams of the world. India and New Zealand reached the WTC finals after finishing on top of the points table. The WTC had begun in August 2019.

“If the final match is a draw, both the teams will be declared as the joint winners. I do understand that you do not want a tie-breaker but if it is a two-year-long tournament and still you cannot call a team the champion, it just does not sound right, personally it leaves a sour taste in the mouth,” said Chopra.

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The former right-hander said the idea of using the reserve day only due to bad weather conditions is not the best one.

“Another thing is that a reserve day has been kept but that reserve day will only be used if the overs from the first five days are left due to the weather. The sixth day will not be used if the match ends when you needed say a couple of wickets and the opposition team required 125 runs.

“Very seldom Test matches end in a draw nowadays and if there is a tinge of green on the wicket then it might also end in three and a half days but then again you could have a scenario where 450 overs are not enough. These are two very strong teams,” added Chopra.

Aakash Chopra suggests three changes to WTC final playing conditions

Chopra suggested three tweaks to the existing playing conditions of the WTC final.

“When you have kept the sixth day as reserve day then what’s the harm in adding another day? Play as long as you don’t get a winner. It has not happened for a long time but timeless Tests used to take place earlier. When you already have the sixth day then why not use it to get the result,” he said.

“Secondly, the final could have been a best of three event. The third Test match will only be played once you don’t have a winner after the first two matches,” Chopra.

The third change that Chopra suggested was related to the third match. He said if the third match ends in a draw, the higher-ranked team should be crowned the winner.

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