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Andhra introduces software solution to send real-time updates of Covid-19 patients to kin – india news

The Andhra Pradesh medical and health department has come up with a software that provides real-time update of the condition of a hospitalised Covid-19 patient to his or her family members from time to time so that they don’t have to be anxious about the patient’s health.

Commissioner of health and family welfare Katamaneni Bhaskar said once a patient diagnosed with Covid-19 was hospitalised, he or she won’t be accessible to the family members during the treatment period, making it difficult for them to know about the patient’s health on a day-to-day basis.

“Attendants are not allowed into the hospital, let alone stay with the patient in the Covid-19 ward as they would be exposed to the infection. Though in some hospitals they are allowed to wait outside the hospital building, they cannot meet the doctors regularly to know the patient’s status. For doctors, too, it is difficult to handle the family members,” Bhaskar said.

In order to avoid keeping the family members of a Covid-19 patient in uncertainty, the state health department has introduced a software in the systems of all government hospitals to provide updates of the patient’s health status to a relative chosen by him of her.

At the time of admission, every patient would be asked to provide the phone number of a close relative who could be informed about his/her status on a real-time basis.

“Every time a doctor visits a patient, he/she would have to mandatorily update the vitals and other necessary information related to the patient in the system using the specific software tech tool. Depending on the inputs, the software is programmed to reflect the status of the patient as either ‘stable’ or ‘unstable’, which is then sent to the mobile phone of the patient’s relative in the form of text message,” the health commissioner said.

The same can also be checked on our website using an OTP which is sent to the number given by the patients at the time of admission. “We have asked the patient to choose only one relative to send regular alerts about his health condition. It is to address the privacy concerns as these are health records,” Bhaskar said, adding that this facility would put an end to the trauma of the family members of a Covid-19 patient.

He said Andhra Pradesh is also the only state which has been notifying every citizen who is tested at every stage of the process via mobile text messages. “The person being tested receives an SMS when the sample is collected, one when the sample reaches the lab and another which contains the result,” the commissioner added.

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