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Biden assembles administration as Trump cries foul in another call-in – world news

US President-elect Joe Biden continued assemble his administration and prepare to take over in January as Arizona and Wisconsin certified their results, making his victory official and delivering another snub to President Donald Trump’s efforts to cling on to the presidency citing baseless poll fraud claims.

Biden will introduce his economic team comprising nominees for treasury secretary and director of the Office of Management and budget Janet Yellen and Neera Tanden on Tuesday, after his daily intelligence briefing, which he began receiving on Monday as part of a delayed transition process.

Biden also announced his presidential inauguration committee with Maju Varghese, an Indian American, as executive director. Tony Allen, the African American CEO of a Delaware university, will head it as CEO.

Trump remains dug in, refusing to accept the result. With Republican-ruled Arizona and Democratic Nevada certifying Biden’s victory, all six swing states that Trump have now made their election outcomes official: Biden wins with 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232.

The Trump campaign has continued to file lawsuits, none of which withstood even the most cursory scrutiny in courts, and lobby Republican-controlled legislatures in these states to reject the outcome and send their own list of electors, who, according to the plan, will vote for Trump on December 14, and not for Biden as they should in the winner-takes-all system of electoral college voting.

Trump called into a briefing his lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis gave Republican legislators of Arizona, which has been wrongly portrayed as a “hearing”, as he had in Pennsylvania last week.

“What they did is they played game, and games like nobody has ever seen before,” Trump said on the call, referring to Democrats.

“This is the first time that Republicans or the first time anyone has fought back.” He went on to falsely claim he actually won the swing states that have certified Biden the winner.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump, the first lady, unveiled season decorations for what will be the family’s last Christmas in the White House. “During this special time of the year, I am delighted to share “America the Beautiful” and pay tribute to the majesty of our great Nation. Together, we celebrate this land we are all proud to call home,” she wrote in a tweet with a one-minute video of the decorations.

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