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BJP cadre standing with people, Opposition breaking morale: Nadda | Latest News India

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president JP Nadda on Sunday praised the party cadre for providing relief to the people amid the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) surge and attacked the Opposition for allegedly politicising the pandemic as he marked the seventh anniversary of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government at the Centre.

Addressing party workers virtually, Nadda said the Opposition “quarantined itself” while BJP members continued to work for the people amid the pandemic. “In this pandemic, BJP workers without being bothered about their well-being are standing with the people. But the Opposition has gone into lockdown and quarantined itself. It is visible only in virtual press conferences or on Twitter,” he said.

The BJP chief accused the Opposition of trying to create vaccine hesitancy and lowering the country’s morale in the middle of the Covid fight.

“The opposition parties tried to break the morale. They said the vaccines are being given without trials and peoples’ lives are being put at risk…it is a BJP vaccine. All kinds of questions and doubts were being raised and the same people are shouting for vaccines today,” he said.

Nadda said the party decided not to hold any big events to celebrate day in order to adhere to Covid restrictions but its leaders were continuing to serve the people to mark the occasion.

“BJP workers are mature and work with sensitivity. They should continue working with sadhana (dedication). BJP is the only party that took up work for so long and on such a large-scale and created a record for being the only party that worked and offered relief…This will never go unregistered,” he said.

Urging party workers to continue helping people, Nadda said that BJP leaders and workers should continue being the “doers” and not get bothered by the “obstructers”.

“Some are ‘sadhak’ (doers), while some are ‘badhak’ (obstructers). But we don’t have to get bothered by them and continue in our endeavour to serve people and help them during the pandemic,” he said.

Praising the NDA government’s tenure, Nadda said that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership the country has firmly faced challenges, grown in confidence and marched towards becoming self-reliant.

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