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BSF and BGB to work together to reduce number of border killings – world news

India’s Border Security Force (BSF) and Bangladesh’s Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) have decided to work together to ensure that incidents of deaths on the Indo-Bangladesh border can be decreased as the four-day long biannual meet between the border security forces of both the nations ended on Saturday.

In a press release after the conference, BSF said that both the parties agreed to reduce instances of death at the border. The BGB officials ahead of the meeting had highlighted the rise in the number of deaths on the border, but BSF maintained that it only “fires with non-lethal weapons only in self-defence when they are surrounded by a large number of armed miscreants.”

BSF also stated that the “death or apprehension of criminals on the border are irrespective of nationalities.”

BGB Director General (DG) major general Md Shafeenul Islam also assured BSF DG Rakesh Asthana that both the forces will work together to check the rise and activities of insurgent groups of India and share realtime information on drug trafficking, human trafficking, smuggling of fake Indian currency notes and damaging of the Indo-Bangladesh border.

BGB Director General Islam also took up the issue of mentally challenged persons crossing into Bangladesh. Asthana assured him that a detailed SOP will be released to deal with this issue.

This was the 50th border coordination conference between both nations. During the conference, both sides lauded each other for their efforts to improve mutual relations through Confidence Building Measures (CBMs). These Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) will resume once the situation around the coronavirus pandemic becomes normal.

The next conference between the BSF and the BGB will be held in India, according to the press release.

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