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Covid-19: 77% new cases in last 24 hours reported from these 10 states – india news

Kerala had surpassed Maharashtra in the number of daily Covid-19 infections last week. The streak remains unbroken as health ministry data reveals Kerala tops the list of 10 states/Union Territories that are reporting maximum number of cases. The first confirmed Covid-19 case in India was reported in Kerala on January 30. Subsequently, the state managed to rein in the spread of the infection with stringent surveillance. However, for the past few weeks, Kerala numbers have again become a cause of worry.

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In the last 24 hours, Kerala reported 8,764 new infections; Maharashtra reported 8,522 new cases. Close to them is Karnataka with 8,191 cases.


Health ministry data has revealed that 77 per cent of the new cases being reported in the last 24 hours are concentrated in only 10 states and Union territories. Apart from Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, the list includes Tamil Nadu (4,666), Andhra Pradesh (4,622), West Bengal (3,631), Delhi (3,036), Uttar Pradesh (2,957), Chhattisgarh (2,619) and Odisha (2,275).

However, as far as fatalities are concerned, Kerala is better placed than the rest. Out of 730 fatalities reported in the past 24 hours, Kerala reported only 21, while the number in Maharashtra is 187, in Karnataka 87, West Bengal 62, Tamil Nadu 57 and Delhi 45.

Last week, Kerala reported 11,755 cases — the highest ever single-day spike.

Kerala health minister KK Shailaja earlier said the situation in the state is not grim as the mortality rate is low.

“The ultimate aim is to reduce the mortality rate. We could contain cases when there was lockdown. But now measures are eased. We can’t blame the government for easing restrictions because people need to work and earn or else they will starve to death. But people need to follow all precautions,” the minister said earlier.

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