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Covid-19 and resultant lockdown majorly impacted senior citizens: Survey – india news

The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic and the resultant lockdown had a major impact on seniors, with one in three of the seniors spoken to fearing they would contract the disease, and 29% impacted by social isolation due to imposed restrictions, shows a survey among senior citizens from the north, south and west of India on challenges they had to face.

The survey was conducted by Antara, an integrated service provider for senior care needs.

“However, over 20.3% of the respondents noted that they were not overly worried about the pandemic or getting infected,” according to the survey.

At least half of those surveyed applauded the government’s pandemic response.

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As high as 55% of the seniors praised the government of India’s efforts to contain the pandemic on all or some aspects, despite the widespread disruptions it caused in India and around the world. However, 24% of seniors still expressed concern, stating that India had failed to manage the healthcare crisis.

Close to 80% seniors preferred living independently.

As Covid-19 continues to spread, seniors remain the most vulnerable and high-risk demographic segment who might need regular support for their daily activities. The survey found 77% of seniors across the three survey regions lived independently either in their own or rented houses. Only 16% seniors said that they lived with their children or grandchildren.

“The ‘State of Seniors’ survey is highly relevant for a country like India that is expected to witness major demographic shifts. Over the next few years, the senior population will constitute a significantly important consumer segment and will need specialised services and products for a hassle-free ageing experience,” said Rajit Mehta, MD and CEO, Antara, about the survey findings.

“Through this survey, we aim to highlight the mindsets, attitudes, social preferences and purchasing behaviours of seniors in India so that we are able to cater to their age-specific needs with the right products and services. This, I believe, will be a major step towards unlocking the economic and social potential of this segment,” he added

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