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Covid-19: In Maharashtra, mortality rate in 21-40 year age group low despite high infection – india news

Although many Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra are reported in age groups of 21-30 years and 31-40 years, the case fatality rate (CFR) in these groups is as low as 0.28 % and 0.67% respectively. As per the data presented by the state health department before the state Cabinet on November 19, of the total cases in Maharashtra, 21.19% are in the 31-40 year age group and 18.40% in 21-30 year age group.

The CFR is high among the people above 60 years old. Though the caseload in 61-70 year group is 10.09% of the total cases, its mortality rate is 7.86%, which increased among people in 71-80 year group to 12.15%. It is 15.57% and 14.69% in the age groups of 81-90 and 91-100 years respectively.

State CFR stands at 2.63%. Mortality among females is very low at 5.13% against that among males at 8.54%. The ratio of male and female patients in the caseload is 38:62.

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Maharashtra has 1,789,800 cases and 46,683 deaths reported till Tuesday evening. Five districts of Pune, Thane, Nagpur, Mumbai and Nagpur have more than 20,000 cases per million population. The test rate per million population in the state has increased to 74,207 though Maharashtra is still much below the national rate (95,641 tests) and is among the top 15 states with over 200,000 cases. Delhi tops the chart with 279,000 tests per million, followed by Andhra Pradesh (179,000), Kerala (160,000) and Karnataka (148,000).

State’s case fatality rate has been around 2.64% in over eight weeks. Of the total 36 districts, 17 have a higher CFR than that of the state with Mumbai at 3.91%.

The state’s doubling rate has reached 330 days, while its recovery rate stands at 92.75%.

State surveillance officer Dr Pradeep Awate said, “We have directed the district authorities to ramp up the infrastructure anticipating a surge. The districts that are lagging in preparedness for the projected surge will upgrade themselves in next few days. The experience they gained during the first peak will help them in preparations for the second wave. We have set up liquid oxygen supply plants in 16 districts and it is underway in 14 other districts.”

According to the data, Maharashtra has 363,000 isolation beds, of which 214,000 are for confirmed Covid-19 cases and the remaining 149,000 for suspected cases.

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