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Effective governance priority as cabinet launches Karmayogi scheme – india news

The Union cabinet on Wednesday launched a capacity building scheme, Mission Karmayogi, to help streamline the training and competency building of civil servants.

At the apex of the scheme will be the Prime Minister’s HR Council that will comprise select Union ministers, chief ministers, international leaders and civil servants. The Council will determine the “right person for the right role” and decide assignments accordingly.

It is a major transition for the bureaucracy, as civil servants’ training will now become a “continuous process”. A dashboard will also monitor and audit the capacity building scheme, and a report will be submitted annually to ascertain its success.

The Department of Personnel and Training under secretary C Chandramouli has been working on the scheme for a nearly a year now. The capacity building resources will be available to all civil servants, from section officers to secretaries.

Two separate ways to engage with the scheme have also been developed. The guided path will provide the necessary resources for a civil servant to adapt to the role that they occupy. Officials had earlier told Hindustan Times that at once an officer shifts to a new division, they will provided with the prerequisite wherewithal to effectively perform their functions.

“A deputy secretary who takes charge as director, will be given a detailed manual on the functions of the new job,” a DoPT official had said on the condition of anonymity. “There will also be an evaluation at the end. This will help select civil servants, whose interests and aptitude align, for the right roles.”

Although not the only determining factor, the official said that doing well in the capacity building programme will go a long way in furthering job growth and opportunities for bureaucrats.

The officials will also be provided with the interest path, wherein they can the subjects and areas of interest that want to pursue.

A Capacity building commission, with a view to ensure a uniform approach in managing and regulating the ecosystem, will also be set up to assist the PM’s HR council.

“Mission Karmayogi aims to prepare the Indian Civil Servant for the future by making him more creative, constructive, imaginative, innovative, proactive, professional, progressive, energetic, enabling, transparent and technology-enabled. Empowered with specific role-competencies, the civil servant will be able to ensure efficient service delivery of the highest quality standards,” the DoPT said in a press statement.

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