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Identical to previous results, Sputnik V stands 91.4% effective against Covid – world news

Russia’s vaccine against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), Sputnik V, efficacy stands at 91.4 per cent after the final control point analysis of data procured post 21 days of the first dose, as per the statement. Fresh results from the trial of the vaccine were published by the Russian shot developers on Monday.

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Previously, after the second interim data analysis of Phase 3 clinical trial, the vaccine showed the same rate of efficacy in protection against Covid-19, as per the results declared by Gamaleya Center and Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) on November 24.

The Gamaleya Institute along with RDIF released the new data based on a trial on 22,714 volunteers, out of which 78 turned out to be positive for the coronavirus disease. The researchers at the institute said out of 78 cases, 62 confirmed positives had received a placebo. As per the statement, 20 of the volunteers receiving placebo had severe symptoms of Covid-19 while there were no severe cases of the virus in the 16 of the participants who were trialled with the vaccine.

The Sputnik V website says more than 50 countries have requested for more than 1.2 billion doses of the vaccine.

RDIF, the country’s sovereign wealth fund, had joined hands with India’s leading pharmaceutical company Hetero biologics arm Hetero Biopharma last month to produce around 100 million doses of the world’s first registered vaccine.

The developers have also collaborated in India for clinical trials with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. Phase II/III clinical trials have begun in the country after receiving the necessary clearance from Central Drugs Laboratory.

“This is another significant step as we continue to collaborate with multiple entities along with the government bodies to fast-track the process for launching the vaccine in India. We are working towards making the vaccine available with a combination of import and indigenous production model,” said G V Prasad, Co-chairman and Managing Director, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.

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The Russian vaccine that has got its name from Soviet-era space satellite claims to be unique because it uses two different vectors based on human adenovirus allowing a stronger and longer immune response to the virus in contrast to the vaccine using single and same vector for two doses.

“Adenovirus vectors are genetically modified viruses of the regular flu that cannot reproduce in a human body. When the Sputnik V vaccine is used, the coronavirus itself does not enter the body as the vaccine only contains genetic information about part of its outer protein coat, the so-called “spikes” forming its crown. This completely eliminates the possibility of getting infected as a result of vaccination while also causing the body’s stable immune response,” as per Gamaleya institute.

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