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India vs Australia: ‘He needs to be tested’ – Sachin Tendulkar derives plan to get Steve Smith out – cricket

Unlike the previous series Down under, Steve Smith will be the silver lining of Australia against Team India. With six centuries, the former Australian captain has been excellent against the Indians. After challenging the Indian pacers for bowling short balls, he will be raring to go out there and prove a point.

Meanwhile, batting legend Sachin Tendulkar has come up with a technique to get Smith out early in the longest format.

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The master blaster stated that Smith’s unconventional technique will warrant a slightly wider line from Indian bowlers. He urged the pacers to target the ‘fifth stump’ to blunt the redoubtable batsman during the upcoming series.

“Smith’s technique is unconventional…Normally, we tell a bowler in Test matches to bowl on and around off-stump or may be fourth stump line. But for Smith, because he shuffles, may be that line (of delivery) moves further away by four to five inches,” Tendulkar told PTI in an interview.

“One has to aim between (imaginary) fourth and fifth stump for Steve to nick one. It’s just a mental adjustment of line, more than anything else,” the former Indian opener said.

Tendulkar also responded to Smith’s short ball remark, suggesting that the Indian pacers should keep the Aussie on ‘back-foot and induce that early mistake’.

“Smith, I read, said he is ready for the short-pitched stuff…probably he is expecting bowlers to be aggressive upfront with him. But I think, he needs to be tested on and around that off-stump channel. Keep him on back-foot and induce that early mistake,” said Sachin.

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When asked if an in-swinging yorker be more effective, considering Smith’s pronounced trigger from leg to off stump, Sachin replied, “For that to happen, you have to see how much the ball is swinging. All those things matter. You can’t use saliva, so it’s a different case, if wickets have a lot more life.”

India will play 4 Tests, 3 ODIs and 3 T20Is against Australia. The first ODI will take place on Friday in Sydney.

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