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KKR vs RR Live Score, IPL 2020 Latest Match updates: Tewatia departs, Kolkata Knight Riders close in – cricket

KKR vs RR, IPL 2020 Live Score: Second wicket for Varun Chakravarthy as he takes out Rahul Tewatia. Before that, he picked up his first wicket in the form of Jos Buttler after he and Tewatia attempted to steady the RR boat that was rocked by the Pat Cummins storm. Wickets continued to tumble for Rajasthan Royals, whose top order has been blown away by Pat Cummins and Shivam Mavi. Dinesh Karthik took a stellar one-handed catch to dismiss the in-form Ben Stokes after KKR had an early breakthrough with Robin Uthappa falling to Cummins in the first over, but not before 19 runs were already scored off the first five balls. Eoin Morgan finished the first innings with a six to take KKR to 191/7 and remains unbeaten on 68, his highest score in the IPL. Pat Cummins was dismissed by Kartik Tyagi after Morgan reached his half-century off 30 balls. After getting hit for two sixes, Tyagi also got the big wicket of Andre Russell. All-rounder Rahul Tewatia finished his spell with 3/25 with wickets of Shubman Gill, Sunil Narine and Dinesh Karthik. Shreyas Gopal picked up a wicket as well, dismissing Rahul Tripathi, nicely caught by Uthappa for 39. Earlier, Gill and Tripathi had put on an impressive 72-run stand after Jofra Archer removed Nitish Rana in his first over. RR captain Steve Smith had won the toss and opted to bowl against KKR.

Follow the live updates of KKR vs RR IPL 2020 match here:

22:48 hrs IST

Jofra Archer the new man

RR have slipped to 106/7 and it seems to be a lost cause at this stage, even for the mighty Jofra Archer. 85 needed off 30 balls.

22:46 hrs IST

OUT! 4th catch for Karthik

Tewatia goes for the slog sweep and top edges the ball from wide of off stump. Who takes the catch? None other than Dinesh Karthik. It’s his 4th dismissal of the evening. Karthik may have endured a duck with the bat, but behind the stumps, he’s been flawless tonight.

22:44 hrs IST

Chakravarthy in for his final over

With the required rate up to over 15 and a half an over, Chakravarthy comes in to bowl his final over of the night. Will it be his final over for the tournament? We shall find out.

22:40 hrs IST

KKR vs RR Live Updates: Cummins back

Morgan wants to wrap this quickly and what better way to do it by giving the ball to his wrecker in chief Pat Cummins. He returns for his final over.

22:38 hrs IST

111, the magical number KKR is looking it

So, KKR need to keep RR to 111 or less to leapfrog Delhi Capitals and move to No. 3. Also if Sunrisers Hyderabad lose to Mumbai Indians, the winner of this match will go through, which at the moment seems to be KKR. More mathematical calculations await. What a closely-contested league stage it has been this IPL.

22:35 hrs IST

Chakravarthy keeping it tight

Three runs off the first four balls in Chakravarthy’s third over. Appeal for a run out, but Shreyas Gopal seems to have made it back. KKR 96/6 after 13 overs

22:32 hrs IST


Here’s what KL Rahul had to say following Kings XI Punjab’s elimination from the IPL 2020

22:30 hrs IST


Slow and short from Sunil Narine and Tewatia ain’t going to let that one go. Crunches the ball on the off side to get a boundary. Two balls later, he brings out the slow sweep to clear the boundary. 12 gone, RR 93/6, with a required rate of 12.38.

22:28 hrs IST

OUT! Chakravarthy gets Buttler

The ball sort of hurries on to the batsman and Buttler, trying to thwack it away on the leg side, holes out to Cummins at deep midwicket. Buttler falls for 35, RR lose their sixth wicket for 80.

22:26 hrs IST

KKR vs RR: Edged and FOUR!

Chakravarthy begins a fresh over and Buttler gets a thick outside edge for the ball to race for a boundary. The batsman takes a double the next ball

22:22 hrs IST

Four! Buttler keeping RR alive

Fuller delivery from Nagarkoti and Buttler gives himself a bit of room to loft the ball over the infield to get a once bounce four. RR not giving up yet, and Buttler definitely not ready to throw in the towel. 10 overs gone, RR 74/5

22:18 hrs IST

What can RR do from here

At 66/5, you won’t give RR a chance. But there are two batsmen who are fully capable of making things tough for KKR. Tewatia has done the unthinkable a couple of times already in the tournament and Buttler’s fireworks need no introduction.

22:15 hrs IST

Narine to Buttler – SIX

Narine dropped it slightly short but Buttler was aware to rock back and loft the ball over long on. Narine pulls it back to give away four runs off the next five balls. Nine overs gone, RR 66/5 and with that the umpire signals the Strategic Time Out.

22:12 hrs IST

Tewatia gets a hit!

FOUR! Rahul Tewatia slams it to sweeper cover for another boundary. This partnership could between Buttler and Tewatia could provide new hopes to RR.

22:10 hrs IST

Nagarkoti to Buttler – FOUR!

FOUR! A welcome boundary for Rajasthan Royals as Jos Buttler goes after Kamlesh Nagarkoti. RR need more of these and Buttler has to lead RR’s resistance.

22:06 hrs IST

Equations: Playoffs race

If KKR win by 79 runs or more, they will take superior NRR than RCB and SRH – then it means that the loser of RCB vs DC will get knocked out, if SRH beat Mumbai Indians!

22:02 hrs IST

Stats attack

Powerplay wickets for KKR this season

vs RR: Seven wickets in two matches

Other teams: Six wickets in 12 matches

21:58 hrs IST

Cummins to Parag – OUT!

GONE! Riyan Parag has edged it to Dinesh Karthik and Pat Cummins gets his fourth wicket in the match. Royals have now lost half their side. RR 37/5

21:55 hrs IST

Buttler-Parag partnership key

Jos Buttler and Riyan Parag have to build a partnership here to bring Royals back into the contest. A wicket here will put KKR in front.

21:50 hrs IST

OUT! Another one goes, RR 4 down in no time

What’s happening here? It’s almost as if you blink and a wicket will go down. After Smith, it’s another big players who goes back. Sanju Samson edges Shivam Mavi to give the bowler his first wicket in his first over. RR 32/4 and in all sorts of trouble.

21:48 hrs IST

BOWLED HIM! Cummins gets three as Smith departs

Cummins to Smith and the RR captain plays on. Aussies gets an Aussie. That’s the beauty of the IPL. Short of a length delivery that shaped back in after pitching, and Smith, trying to force it through the off side, plays on.

21:42 hrs IST

OUT! What a catch from Karthik

Stokes departs! And it takes a tremendous effort from Dinesh Karthik to send him back. The ball flies off the outside edge off Stokes’s bat and Karthik, dives to his left, full stretched to complete a one-handed stunner. Stokes goes for 18. RR 27/2

21:40 hrs IST

Mavi to Stokes: FOUR

Stokes comes down the wicket and throws the bat to a widish ball. Luckily for him and RR, the gap is pierced and a boundary is taken. RR 27/2 in 2 overs

21:36 hrs IST

OUT! 19 runs and a wicket off the first over

And now a wicket! What an adventurous first over this has been. There has been a wide, two sixes, one inside edge for four and now a wicket. Uthappa tries to flick the ball but finds the fielder at midwicket. Right then, RR 19/1 after 1 overs. Collect your breaths.

21:34 hrs IST

SIX! This is quite some start for RR

Stokes brings out the scoop shot, or call it a paddle or whatever you may want to. But hits a six to add to the over. 17 runs off the first four balls. RR on fire in the first over itself.

21:32 hrs IST

FOUR! Inside edge and the ball goes behind

Round the wicket comes Cummins and Stokes tries to have a go at it. He manages an inside edge and the ball races between the keeper and short fine leg for a four.

21:30 hrs IST

Cummins to Uthappa – SIX

What a start. First ball of the innings and Robin Uthappa clips it off his pads and smokes a six over fine leg. Cummins follows it with a wide off which a single is taken. One ball bowled, eight runs already scored.

21:28 hrs IST


Following their nine-wicket defeat, Kings XI Punjab became the second team to be eliminated joining Chennai Super Kings. Which means, five teams still remain with a chance of making it to the Playoffs.

21:26 hrs IST

Back for the second innings!

So 192 is what Rajasthan Royals are chasing. That is one thing. Second thing is their net run rate, which although is superior, still opens up some mathematical combinations as far as qualifying for the playoffs is concerned. Still, just one team has secured a play off berth, and that is the Mumbai Indians.

21:22 hrs IST

What Rahul Tripathi had to say…

“The pitch was seaming around initially and slowly it became good for batting. It’s important to hit the good areas with the new ball. The last time we played here dew came into play and we are expecting the dew will come into play tonight as well and I think the target is still not easy to chase. He (Archer) was bowling well and I was looking forward to getting some runs, but after that initial wicket, we wanted to see him off and target the other bowlers. It’s a great end to the innings and we lost 2-3 wickets in the middle overs and the end was fantastic. It’s a really good total on the board. If we get a good win here, then we are definitely into the playoffs.”

21:20 hrs IST

KKR vs RR, IPL 2020: The equation!

So, Rajasthan Royals need to chase these runs down in 13 overs to go ahead of Delhi Capitals, at third. If they miraculously pull it off, they’ll jump three places. But not everyday do you see 192 runs being scored in 13 overs. Tough, tough ask.

21:18 hrs IST

Great recovery from KKR

Twice in the innings, KKR were not in the greatest of positions, but on both occasions recovered well. After being reduced to 1/1, Tripathi and Gill got them back with a 72-run stand. Later, with three quick wickets falling, Eoin Morgan ensured KKR ended up on a good score.

21:12 hrs IST

End of the innings! KKR post 191/7

Morgan finishes the innings with a six. So turns out he made the correct call denying Kamlesh Nagarkoti those two singles off the 4th and 5th ball. Morgan remains unbeaten on 68, which is his highest IPL score.

21:10 hrs IST

Morgan turns down two singles off two balls in the final over

Alright then! That sure will ignite some debate.

21:10 hrs IST

OUT! Second wicket for Tyagi

Cummins is out caught behind but the good news for KKR is that their captain Eoin Morgan is still out there.

21:08 hrs IST

IPL Live Updates: 24 off Stokes’ over

Wow! Morgan has really turned on the heat here. After getting to his fifty with a six, he smashes the next ball for a six and the one after that for a four. Stokes is fuming, Morgan shining. KKR 182/6.

21:06 hrs IST

SIX! Fifty for Morgan

A fine half-century for the KKR captain, who slams the ball over long to get there off 30 balls. What a way to get there.

21:04 hrs IST

SIX for Cummins

In the slot and Cummins gives it the full monty. Stokes tries to roll his fingers over it slowing it up, but Cummins’ eyes lit up the moment he saw it and he smoked it nonchalantly.

21:02 hrs IST

Archer finishes with 1/19

Just six runs off the over. That’s 12 in two. KKR have played out Archer and would surely be eyeing to go big in these final two overs. KKR 158/6

21:00 hrs IST

Archer to Cummins – SAFE

Cummins tries to go after Archer but manages a top edge.Fortunately for him, the ball lands in no-man’s land. Next ball, he almost sacrifices his wicket for Morgan, who took a quick, smart single, but the fielder missed the direct hit.

20:56 hrs IST

Boundary to end the over!

Morgan cuts Stokes nicely to end the over with a 4. Six off it but KKR won’t win. The 150 is up for them and with three oves left, they would be eyeing 200 for sure.

20:54 hrs IST

KKR vs RR Live Score: Stokes to bowl to Morgan

It’s a battle to watch out and the England all-rounder almost runs out his captain. He plays the ball and sets off for a single. Stokes picked up the ball and had a go at the stumps. Morgan was strolling on the pitch it he would have been miles out of the crease had Stokes’ throw hit the stumps.

20:50 hrs IST

OUT! Russell departs, Tyagi gets his man

After that second six, Tyagi got a tip from none other than Ben Stokes. Next ball, he bowled it full and wide, yorker length. Russell went for it but was out caught by substitute David Miller at deep backward point. SIX, SIX, WICKET. What a comeback.

20:48 hrs IST

Tyagi to Russell – SIX, SIX

What a star to the over. Kartik Tyagi starts the 16th over and gets drilled for consecutive sixes by Andre Russell. The first one was hit fiercely hit over long on, with a free swing of the arms. The next one took the bottom of the bat but the power was enough to keep is sailing over long off.

20:46 hrs IST

McCullum predicts KKR’s total

KKR coach Brendon McCullum says that if Morgan and Russell manage to bat through the next five overs, KKR should get something above 200. Remember, KKR not only need to win but need to win big. The same goes for RR. 15 overs gone, KKR 132/5. 68 in the last five needed to prove Baz right. Not impossible

20:44 hrs IST

Archer to Russell – SIX

Short ball and Russell smashes it, right out of the middle of his bat as the ball goes sailing over deep midwicket. That’s more like it. If there was any ring rust, those two hits should help Dre Russ.

20:42 hrs IST

FOUR! Russell starts with a streaky four

Outside edge and FOUR! Andre Russell gets his innings up and running, not in the way he’d have wanted but that should help none the less.

20:40 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score | Gopal to Morgan – SIX, SIX

Morgan has taken upon himself to ensure KKR do not throw away a good start. After back to back fours, Morgan hammers a couple of sixes off Gopal to make it 21 runs off the over, the most expensive of the innings to far. KKR 121/5 with 6 overs left.

20:38 hrs IST

Consecutive boundaries for Morgan

The KKR captain getting a move on, scores two boundaries off two balls to get the team going.

20:34 hrs IST

OUT! Third wicket for Tripathi

Talk about soft dismissals. Dinesh Karthik’s torrid season continues. Karthik tried to dive the ball but the ball took the inside edge of his bat and flew to Steve Smith at midwicket. You don’t see that often. KKR 100/5 and in a bit of a spot now.

20:32 hrs IST

KKR vs RR: Streaky boundary for Morgan

Almost two in two for RR as Morgan narrowly clears the diving fielder to get a boundary.

20:30 hrs IST

OUT! Tripathi falls to Gopal

Another key wicket for Rajasthan, who have seen the back of Rahul Tripathi, who was batting well. Gopal banged in a short ball and Tripathi went for the pull. Uthappa takes a bloody good catch at deep square leg to send his packing. KKR 94/4

20:28 hrs IST

Outside edge, falls short of Aaron

Close call for Morgan. He went for a full blooded slash but managed an outside edge which landed just short of a diving Varun Aaron at short third man.

20:26 hrs IST

Early signs of dew?

Dew was always going to be a concern but tonight it seems to have come in play early. The fielder in the deep have already started wiping the ball. It’s going to be quite the challenge for KKR to grip the ball in the second innings.

20:24 hrs IST

Another tidy over from Tewatia

Just four off Tewatia’s third over, his three have gone for 19 runs so far. Shreyas Gopal returns into the attack. His first over went for 17 which had four boundaries in it.

20:22 hrs IST

IPL 2020: Buttler goes off the field

The second time he’s gone off tonight. The first time was after taking that catch at deep square leg to dismiss Gill.

20:20 hrs IST

Half-way through the innings

10 overs gone and KKR will be happy to reach 84/3. More so because they were 1/1 in the first over and 15/1 after 3 before the boundary gates opened. They lost GIll but Tripathi has looked good, who is now batting in the company of Eoin Morgan.

20:18 hrs IST

Tyagi to Morgan: SIX

Short ball and Morgan connects it brilliantly to send the ball sailing behind for a six. Just his third ball and the England captain strikes his first six.

20:14 hrs IST

OUT! Narine goes for a DUCK

Narine enters and after seeing off the first ball, goes for a slog straightaway. Doesn’t get hold of it and perishes in the deep as Stokes completes the catch. KKR 74/2 and Tewatia gets his second wicket in the over.

20:08 hrs IST

OUT! Tewatia provides the breakthrough

OUT! Big wicket for RR as Shubman Gill is out. Goes for the sweep but doesn’t connect the ball well and holes out at deep square leg where Jos Buttler takes the catch.

20:06 hrs IST

IPL: A boundary less over

The first over without a boundary after the third over. Good start from Kartik Tyagi, who gives away just four runs off his first over. KKR 68/1 after 8

20:04 hrs IST

Jofra Archer in first over in IPL 2020

10 overs, five wickets, economy rate of 3.30. Jofra Archer sure is the next big thing of international cricket, if he’s not there already.

20:02 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score, KKR vs RR | Tewatia to Tripathi – SIX

Down the wicket goes Tripathi and handsomely drills the balls over the bowler for his second six. He’s switched gears amazingly well after scoring 1 off 8 balls. Seven overs bowled, KKR on 64/1.

20:00 hrs IST

Stumping appeal, Tripathi survives

Tripathi missed a sweep and Samson took off the bails. No excitement whatsover but the umpire went up anyway. Tripathi’s right foot remained grounded the entire time.

19:58 hrs IST

End of Powerplay, KKR 55/1

Another good over for KKR as Archer gives away 12 off his third over. Gill ends it with his sixth boundary. KKR scoring at a healthy rate of 8.8 an over.

19:56 hrs IST

FOUR! Tripathi growing in confidence

This time, Tripathi hits a boundary off against the menacing pace of Archer. Gives himself room and crashed the ball through the off side. This has been excellent recovery from KKR after losing the first wicket for 1 runs. 50 up for KKR and this partnership between Gill and Tripathi off 33 balls.

19:54 hrs IST

Stokes to Tripathi – SIX

That’s a good strike. Stokes bends his back to bowl a bouncer but Tripathi is alert to it, rocks back on the backfoot and deposits the ball over fine leg. KKR 43/1 after 5.

19:52 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score: Stokes back

That’s more like it. The ball given back to a medium pacer. Starts with three singles and a double.

19:50 hrs IST

17 off Gopal’s first over

Four boundaries in that over – two each for Gill and Tripathi, with the latter capping the over with a pull towards mid wicket. KKR move to 32/1. Surely, RR will wait before giving the ball again to Gopal. Time to bring back pace again.

19:48 IST

Gopal to Tripathi – FOUR

Third four of the over for RR as Tripathi sweeps Gopal for his first four. The batsman, after starting hesitantly, breaks the shackles with an aggressive shot.

19:46 hrs IST

Spin introduced, Gopal gets the ball

Surprising move from Rajasthan RR to give the ball to Shreyas Gopal in the 4th over. Shubman Gill takes welcomes him with back-to-back boundaries.

19:44 hrs IST

KKR vs RR Live Updates: Tripathi struggling

Rahul Tripathi who’s walked in at No. 3 has not found it easy dealing with Jofra Archer’s pace. He is 1 off 8, KKR 15/1 after 3 overs

19:42 hrs IST

KKR vs RR, IPL 2020: Third FOUR of the over

Aaron drops it short and Gill pulls it towads deep midwicket to make it three boundaries off the over. 12 came off it, KKR reach 13/1 after 2 overs

19:40 hrs IST

Aaron to Gill: FOUR

Second four of the over. Full and leg sidish from Aaron and Gill chips it over the in field for a one-bounce four. Tremendous timing. That’s the sort of thing that makes Shubman Gill one of the most promising young cricketers in India.

19:38 hrs IST

FOUR! Gill is away

Varun Aaron veers the ball slightly on Gill’s pads and he flicks it for his first boundary as the ball beats a diving fielder at fine leg. First boundary for Gill and KKR.

19:36 hrs IST

IPL Live Updates: What a first over from Archer

There was pace, there was bounce, the batsmen got beaten and a wicket. If you’re a captain, that over right there, sets the blueprint of how a first over should be bowled. Archer has been such a revelation.

19:32 hrs IST

OUT! Archer sends back Rana first ball

A golden duck in a big match for Nitish Rana. Archer fires it in and the ball kisses the outside edge and lands in the hands of Sanju Samson. Weirdly enough, Rana reviewed the call and wasted a review for KKR. Poor stuff. Rana goes for first-ball duck and KKR are 1/1.

19:30hrs IST

Archer to Gill, fired in at 138 kph

Quick start and by that we mean a pacey start from Archer as the ball flies off the outside edge of Gill’s bat to third man. Single taken and KKR are away.

19: 28 hrs IST

KKR vs RR Live Score: Can KKR gift an early birthday present to SRK?

It’s King Khan’s birthday tomorrow and he would want nothing more than KKR making it to the playoffs. However, getting there is easier said than done. KKR not only need to win, but win big in order to keep their hopes alive. Right then, as we mention that, the men are out in the middle. KKR openers Nitish Rana and Shubman Gill, as are Rajasthan Royals who are all smiles and as are the umpires. The countdown has begun.

19:24 hrs IST

Captain’s Corner: Steve Smith

“We will bowl first, dew seems to be coming in and that’s the big reason. We have bowled well majority of the tournament and hopefully we will go well tonight. The games we haven’t done well, our senior batters haven’t done well and fortunately Stokes and Samson are in good nick. We are unchanged.”

19:20 hrs IST

Morgan says he wanted to chase as well…

“We would have preferred to chase. It’s not a night for holding back and on top of that we need to improve the NRR. He (Andre Russell) is back and it is great to have him back and so let’s hope tonight is the night. Lockie is out. Rinku Singh misses out and Shivam Mavi comes in. As a side you want to get into a position to win the game and then think about other (NRR) scenarios.”

19:16 hrs IST

IPL 2020: KKR’s Playing XI…

Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Rahul Tripathi, Eoin Morgan(c), Dinesh Karthik(w), Sunil Narine, Andre Russell, Shivam Mavi, Pat Cummins, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Varun Chakravarthy

19:12 hrs IST

Here’s the big news. ANDRE RUSSELL is back!

Looks like the big West Indies has recovered in time to return for KKR’s crunch game. Out goes Lockie Ferguson. Shivam Mavi replaces batsman Rinku Singh.

19:08 hrs IST

Here’s what RR’s Playing XI looks like…

Robin Uthappa, Ben Stokes, Sanju Samson(w), Steven Smith(c), Jos Buttler, Riyan Parag, Rahul Tewatia, Jofra Archer, Shreyas Gopal, Varun Aaron, Kartik Tyagi

19:04 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score, KKR vs RR: Rajasthan Royals unchanged

As expected, the Royals have fielded the same XI that won them the match against Kings XI Punjab.

19:00 hrs IST

TOSS: Royals elect to field against KKR

Steve Smith won the toss and Rajasthan Royals have opted to stick to what they have been doing best this season, which is chase.

18:58 hrs IST


News coming in that Andre Russell looks fit and KKR might include him in the Playing XI tonight. What a time to come back into the fold.

18:55 hrs IST

Five minutes to go for the all-important TOSS

Who’s your money on – KKR or RR? We have a feeling it’s going to be the Royals, but that assessment is purely based on current match form. Can KKR dish out one final inspiring performance? Toss coming up in the next five minutes.

18:50 hrs IST

KKR vs RR: The Big Preview

All to play for as hurt KKR take on improving RR. The time of reckoning is here. The equation cannot be simpler for these two teams. Win and you may survive, lose and that’s the end. We are 10 minutes away from the toss. Until then, read our preview of the match

18:45 hrs IST

What XI will KKR field

Given what’s at stake here, Eoin Morgan’s KKR may have one final trick up their sleeve. One Indian pacer likely to be replaced while an overseas fast bowler’s place depends on whether Russell is fit to play. Here’s our Predicted XI for KKR against RR tonight.

18:40 hrs IST

RR’s Predicted XI

For a team coming off convincing wins in the previous two matches, is there a need for RR to change their Playing XI? Find out the 11 players we have backed RR to play tonight

18:35 hrs IST

Win toss, do what?

KKR including Super Overs have won 5 matches while batting first and only 1 match while chasing. Overall, KKR have won 5 out of 9 matches batting first and 1 out of 4 matches chasing. That said, KKR have lost 3 out of the last 4 matches batting first.

18:30 hrs IST

Should KKR recall Kuldeep Yadav?

It’s been a very ordinary season for Kuldeep Yadav, who has picked up just one wicket in five matches. His economy has been slightly better, but will KKR recall him against the kind of form Stokes and Samson are in. Highly unlikely.

18:25 hrs IST

Some interesting nuggets…

– Shreyas Gopal needs three strikes to reach 50 IPL wickets.

– If he can score 51 runs tonight, Rahul Tripathi will reach 1000 runs in IPL.

18:15 hrs IST

Will Nagarkoti face the axe tonight?

It has been quite a disappointing debut for Kamlesh Nagarkoti, a bowler who has ability to bowl quick regularly. Even though pacers with good speed have done well in this edition of IPL, Nagarkoti has bowled 22 overs at the economy of 9.40 — the second-highest by a player in his debut season representing KKR among 16 bowlers in the list.

18:10 hrs IST

The Dhoni moment that inspired Buttler

Here’s an interesting story. Did you know that Rajasthan Royals and England wicketkeeper batsman Jos Buttler was highly inspired by MS Dhoni’s iconic six off Nuwan Kulasekara that won India the World Cup? “One thing I really love is the 2011 World Cup final. How he walked out to bat and said I am going to see this home. That was inspiring and the way he finished the game with a six. It always resonated with me,” Buttler was quoted as saying in Times of India.

18:00 hrs IST

Will Dre Russ return tonight?

Andre Russell has missed KKR’s last four games of the season, out of which the team has lost three. Irrespective of the form he’s in, KKR have not fared well without Big Russ. What better occasion than tonight for the big-hitting West Indian to not just return to the XI but get some runs going. With 92 runs in nine matches, this hasn’t been the best of seasons for Russell and what a moment it will be if he can sign off with a bang, provided he plays?

17:55 hrs IST

Landmark game for Steve Smith

Tonight will be Steve Smith’s 50th match for Rajasthan Royals. With 307 runs, this season hasn’t exactly been a blast for Smith, but he has scored three half-centuries. Can he get a fourth tonight and help RR in this virtual knockout?

17:50 hrs IST

KKR vs RR Live Score | MS Dhoni fans, you might want to read this…

MS Dhoni has confirmed that he will return to once again lead Chennai Super Kings in the next edition of the IPL 2020. “Not my last game in yellow”, he said. For full story, click here…

17:45 hrs IST

Rajasthan Royals fancy chasing

RR have won 5 matches while chasing, joint most by a team in IPL 2020. RR have won their last 3 matches while chasing and have lost their last 3 while batting first.

17:35 hrs IST

IPL 2020: Most fifties for an uncapped Indian batsman

Rana’s average of 56 is the fourth best by a KKR opener in an IPL edition after McCullum (62.67 in 2008), Gill (57.25 in 2019) and Uthappa (56.30 in 2014). Furthermore, Rana has scored 11 fifties in IPL — the most by any uncapped player in the tournament.

17:30 hrs IST

Gill-Rana finally solving KKR’s opening woes?

KKR batsman Nitish Rana has proved himself why he should be the opening partner with Shubman Gill for the team. KKR have tried 5 openers this season so far – joint most along with Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings. Those 5 have formed 4 different pair so far and the most successful has been Gill-Rana. His tally includes 2 fifties from 3 innings as opener. Also, his SR of 146.09 is the 4th best in the list after Mayank Agarwal (155.47), Jos Buttler (154.13) and Shikhar Dhawan (147.65).

17:25 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score | Stokes factor proving beneficial for RR

Stokes’s brilliance against MI helped RR chase 196 against arguably the best bowling attack in IPL 2020. His 26 ball 50 helped RR set the platform for RR to chase 186 against in form KXIP. After Stokes’s genius in the last 2 matches he now has an average of 44.50 which his highest in any IPL campaign.

– Stokes has hit 40 boundaries, his most in any IPL season.

– Stokes’s tally of 34 4s is also the most by a RR player in IPL 2020.

– In the last 2 matches Stokes has dominated both pace and spin.

– He has a strike rate of 175.86 against pace and 203.70 against spin.

– Stokes fine form has meant RR who had struggled in PP in IPL 2020 have managed 120 runs in the last 2 matches in PP with the loss of just 3 wickets.

– Stokes has a chance to continue his fine form against KKR whose bowling has especially struggled in Powerplay, KKR have picked up just 8 wickets in PP, the least by a team in Powerplay in IPL 2020.

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Stokes in his last two matches…

However, Stokes has turned it around in the last 2 matches smashing 157 runs with the help of a century and a half century. In the previous two games, Stokes has 157 runs at an average of 157 and a strike rate of 182. 55. Stokes had hit 14 boundaries in the first 5 matches which has increased to 26 in the last two matches.

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Stokes during his first five matches for RR in IPL 2020

Ben Stokes had struggled in his first 5 matches managing just 110 runs at a strike rate of 106.79 and average of 22. He had played 103 balls without hitting a six, which at the time was the most balls played by a batsman in IPL 2020 without clearing the ropes. Stokes strike rate of 106.79 as an opener was the lowest by an opener who had played more than 60 balls.

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KKR vs RR: Head-to-Head

In the 21 matches played between the two teams, one team is slightly ahead of the other and that is KKR, with 11 wins, while RR have won twice. Two matches have ended in a tie.

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Who took Round 1?

KKR took honours in the first battle between the two sides with Dinesh Karthik’s men doing a fine job with the ball to defend 174. There wasn’t a single half-century in the KKR innings, but there were plenty of starts provided by the likes of Shubman Gill, Eoin Morgan, Andre Russell. The Royals’ batting simply never got going and even though Tom Curran provided a late burst to score a half-century, they fell short by 37 runs.

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IPL 2020 Live Score, KKR vs RR

Hello and welcome to the last weekend double-header of the IPL 2020, in which Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals will jostle for once last shot at the playoffs. With one game to go for both teams, KKR and RR are placed seventh and eighth respectively on the points table, with 12 points each and a win for either side here will keep them in contention. However, KKR’s net run-rate is a bit of a concern for there and considering it, they have a mountain to climb. Stay tuned for more updates as we build steadily towards the match.

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