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Maharashtra not highest in new Covid-19 cases, Kerala is, reveals 7-day data – india news

For the past seven days, Maharashtra has not been reporting the highest number of daily cases in the country, with Kerala overtaking the state. And this is not a stray incident of a sudden spike in the number of daily cases. Health ministry data reveals this has become a trend in the last seven days between October 24 and October 30. This is the first time that such a trend has been established as Maharashtra remain the worst-affected state in the country for the past few months — as far as the number of daily cases are concerned.

After Onam which was held from September last week to October first week, the Covid-19 situation in Kerala started worsening. It was mostly a tie between Kerala and Maharashtra over the highest number of daily reported cases. But now Kerala has officially ousted Maharashtra and is witnessing the highest number of single-day infections.

Here is a date-wise analysis:

On October 23, Maharashtra reported 7,579 new cases and Kerala was just a little behind with 7,482 cases. From October 24 ( dates are according to health ministry data), the positions interchanged.

October 24

Kerala: 8,11

Maharashtra: 7,347

October 25

Kerala: 8,253

Maharashtra: 6,417

October 26

Kerala: 6,843

Maharashtra: 6,059

October 27

Kerala: 4.287

West Bengal: 4.121

Maharashtra: 3,645

October 28

Kerala: 5.457

Maharashtra: 5,363

October 29

Kerala: 8,790

Maharashtra: 6,738

October 30

Kerala: 7,020

Maharashtra: 5,902

The number of daily infections point to the severity of the spread of the infection as it shows that the infection is not being contained. This number also contributes to the active number of cases. Active number of infections refer to the number of people who are presently infected while the total tally includes the number of recovered cases and death toll as well. So at a time when India’s active number of cases has seen a sharp fall, Kerala is on the reverse.

The active caseload of coronavirus infection in the country dropped below 6 lakh for the first time in nearly three months and comprises only 7.35 per cent of the total cases, the Union Health Ministry said today, asserting India has achieved a significant milestone in its fight against COVID-19.

There are 5,94,386 active cases of coronavirus infection in the country as on date. The active caseload was 5.95 lakh on August 6.

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