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Maharashtra records 10,219 Covid-19 cases | Latest News India

Maharashtra on Monday recorded 10,219 Covid-19 infections while the active cases have declined to 174,320. This marks around 73% dip compared to that a month ago on May 7 when the state had 654,788 active cases.

Factors such as ramping of tests, faster diagnosis as well as availability of medication are believed to have contributed to this decline.

Pune has the highest active Covid-19 (19,645) down from 120,512 on May 7, followed by Kolhapur (18,520). On May 7, Kolhapur had 14,491 active cases.

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Mumbai had 17,791 cases on Monday, down from 54,162 a month ago.

Dr Subhash Salunke, advisor to the state on Covid-19 management, attributed the fall in active cases to the reduction in daily Covid-19 cases. “The lockdown as well as other factors such as ramping up of tests and regular supply of medicines ensured reduction of cases. In areas like Kolhapur, the virus came late and hence, active cases there will come down in the next 15 days,” said Salunke.

Dr Jeevan Jain, a physician who has treated over 15,000 Covid patients, said it indicates that Covid has peaked and is on decline. “We will see fewer number of active cases in the coming days. We are also seeing good recovery rates. It indicates the second wave is waning and will soon become history,” said Dr Jain.

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