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Melania Trump made harsh comments about Ivanka, US President, claims book – world news

At a time when Donald Trump is looking to get re-elected for a second term as US President, a new book threatens to add a roadblock in the way.

The book has been written by US first lady Melania Trump’s friend and staffer Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. It is titled ‘Melania & Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady’.

Among the explosive claims made by Wolkoff in the memoir are the negative and harsh comments made by the first lady against Trump and his adult children. The comments were reportedly caught on tape by her.

She claims in the book that Melania Trump was once furious at Ivanka for obstructions as she tried to appoint a new chief of staff, a number of publications reported.

There are incidents of remarks against President Trump too, but those have not been made public. However, a journalist tweeted about the book and the claims made in it.

“In her book, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff quotes the First Lady making disparaging remarks about Ivanka Trump and some of the president’s other adult children. She even makes some negative remarks about her husband, President Trump,” Yashar Ali said in a series of tweets on the topic.


“It’s unclear what Wolkoff says that Mrs. Trump said about her family but I do know that the disparaging remarks are in the book and that Wolkoff taped conversations with Mrs. Trump without her knowing,” Ali further said.


Wolkoff was with Melania Trump for a decade before a fallout over allegations of financial irregularities in one of the events organised by her.

The book is scheduled to be released on September 1.

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