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Mizoram withdraws prohibitory order imposed from village along disputed border with Tripura – india news

The Mizoram government has withdrawn the prohibitory order imposed at Phuldungsei, a small village located on Tripura-Mizoram interstate border, following construction of a temple, after the Tripura government asked to withdraw the order terming it as “highly objectionable.”

“Prohibitory order… hereby stands revoked with immediate effect as the proposed construction of Shiv Mandir at Thaidawr Tlang has been called off by SONGRONGMA organization,” a fresh order signed on Sunday by Mizoram’s Mamit district magistrate Dr Lalrozama read.

Dr Lalrozama, earlier, imposed restrictions on the assembly of four or more people in the village and surrounding areas of Phuldungsei Zampi and Zomuantlang of Mizoram’s Mamit district since October 16 till further orders. He stated that a Tripura-based organisation named SONGRONGMA planned to construct a Shiv temple at Thaidaw Ylang falling in the same district. Lalrozama said that the organisation did not have any permission from the Mizoram government for the construction.

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The official stated that the construction would have gone against the interest of the local community and could invite disturbance in peace and tranquillity in the region.

Following the prohibitory order, Tripura government’s additional secretary AK Bhattacharya requested the Mamit district magistrate to withdraw the prohibitory order terming it as “highly objectionable” as Betlingchhip, also known as Thaidawr Tlang, is currently under Tripura’s control.

Phuldungsei village, located at Kanchanpur subdivision of North district of Tripura, has been accepted as part of the state through its eastern side falls into Mizoram.

The village came into news in August after Kanchanpur sub-divisional magistrate Chandni Chandran informed her higher officials that 130 residents of the village, also ration beneficiaries of Tripura, were found in Mizoram’s voters’ list.

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