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Peru revises Covid death toll to almost thrice. 20 countries with most per capita deaths

Peru on Monday revised its official death toll from coronavirus disease (Covid-19) after a review, almost tripling the numbers listed earlier. With the revised Covid-19 death toll, Peru has reached the sombre milestone of having the highest death rate per capita, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

Peru’s official death toll is now 180,764, up from 69,342, in a country of about 33 million people. The revised data makes more than 500 Covid deaths per 100,000 people.

While Peru has been one of the hardest-hit Latin American countries, its official death toll was continuously under scanner because the scenes of cemeteries and unprecedented use of refrigerators as makeshift morgues contradicted the government data.

Announcing the revised coronavirus-related death toll, Peruvian Prime Minister Violeta Bermúdez told a news conference on Monday that they “think it is [their] duty to make public this updated information.” He said that the Covid death toll was revised on the advice of Peruvian and international experts.

“What is being said is that a significant number of deaths were not classified as caused by Covid-19,” Peru health minister Óscar Ugarte said, adding that the criteria for assigning Covid as a cause of death have been changed.

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Previously, Hungary, with around 300 Covid deaths per 100,000 people, had the highest per capita death toll, followed by the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina. But the latest revision has pushed Peru from twelfth to the first position, according to Johns Hopkins University data, making it the worst-hit country in terms of Covid deaths per capita.

Here’s the list of 20 countries with the most Covid deaths per capita:

  • Hungary
  • Czechia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • San Marino
  • North Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Bulgaria
  • Moldova
  • Slovakia
  • Brazil
  • Belgium
  • Peru
  • Slovenia
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

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