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‘Ready to talk to those who are against us on farm issues’: PM Modi’s top quotes – india news

Training his gun at the opposition parties for misleading farmers who are protesting against the new three farm laws for the past four weeks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he has no problem with parties doing politics. But don’t mislead farmers, he urged. This was BJP’s latest outreach programme amid the ongoing farmers’ protest which is far from the thaw. What PM Modi and other Union ministers have been saying for the past few days were echoed in PM Modi’s speech on Friday. But there was more as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the government is ready to talk to those who are against the government.

Here are the top quotes from PM Modi’s speech:

‘Talks must be based on issues,facts and logic’

“There are parties which supported these farm laws before. We have their written statement. But now they have changed their stance. One political leader is misleading people. He doesn’t even believe in democracy. He has connections abroad as well. Can’t even say things he has been saying. But despite all this, I am saying this with humility that the we are ready to discuss the issue of farmers with those who are against us too but the discussion has to be based on issues, facts and logic,” PM Modi said.

‘We have open mind’

“We have not claimed that we have all the knowledge. There should be debate. That is how democracy works. We are ready to address all issues in an open mind,” PM Modi said.

‘Direct benefit transfer’

Remembering Atal Bihari Vajpayee on his birth anniversary, PM Modi on Friday said the farm laws are in a way inspired by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. “Once Vajpayee ji criticised his previous government on how government’s money used to get lost in the way before reaching the beneficiaries. I am glad that we are being able to ensure direct benefit transfer. There is no middleman between the government and the beneficiaries,” PM Modi said.

‘West Bengal depriving farmers’

“Over 70 lakh farmers in West Bengal are deprived of this scheme. This is my regret. The West Bengal government is blocking the scheme for its political interest. If you listen Mamata Banerjee’s speech dating 15 years back, then everything becomes clear,” PM Modi said.

‘Farmers have replied through ballot box’

“The political party which has deprived its own farmers is instigating farmers in Punjab. They have lost political relevance. They have lost the recent elections in placed where they are supporting the farmers’ protest,” PM Modi said.

‘Why does Kerala have no mandi system?’

“Those ruling Kerala for years are joining Punjab farmers for selfies, but not doing anything for mandi system in own state. If mandi and APMC are so good, then why Kerala does not have these?” PM Modi said.

‘Demand has changed’

“Farmers had some apprehensions about new laws, but people with political agenda came in between and introduced new unrelated demands. Initially, the demand was MSP,. which is justified as they are farmers. But now there are demands of releasing some people from the prison. There are demands to make highways toll free,” PM Modi said.

‘Sell your products anywhere in the country’

“Farmers will be able to sell their products anywhere in the country, listen to me carefully. If you want to sell at MSP, you can sell. If you want to sell at mandis, you can do that. If you want to sell online, the new laws empower farmers to do that too,” PM Modi said.

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