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Republican Nikki Haley slams Joe Biden’s immigration policy – world news

Republican politician Nikki Haley Tuesday slammed President-elect Joe Biden’s immigration policy claiming it will hurt American workers and “insult” legal immigrants.

“Biden’s immigration policies will create another border crisis that will undermine the rule of law, hurt American workers, and insult the legal immigrants who did the right thing,” Indian-American Haley said in a series of tweets.

“It’s one more reason why America needs a conservative-led Senate to stop Biden’s plan in its tracks,” she said, seeking votes for two Republican Senators in the Georgia Senate race next month. The Republican Party currently has 50 Senators in the 100-member Senate, while the Democrats has 48.

A Republican majority in the Senate along with the two wins in Georgia Senate race is essential for the party to maintain its hold in the national politics. The party has lost control of the White House and the House of Representatives.

“Biden has promised to reverse the Trump admin’s immigration policies, halt all deportations, & introduce amnesty legislation for illegal immigrants on day 1,” Haley said.

“The amnesty bill would send a clear signal to people across the world: Come to America illegally & get rewarded for it,” said the former two-term Governor of South Carolina. She was the first ever Cabinet-ranking official in any administration after President Donald Trump nominated her as the US Ambassador to the United Nations.

A day earlier, Haley in a series of tweets was critical of the foreign policies of President-elect Biden.

“Biden stated he wanted to return to the disastrous Iran deal that he helped orchestrate as VP. The Trump administration’s foreign policy made the Middle East safer & more secure. It would be a huge mistake for Biden to go running back into the arms of Iran’s ayatollahs,” she said.

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