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Russia’s new Sputnik launch raises risks in dash for Covid-19 vaccine – world news

Russia’s decision to approve a coronavirus shot before crucial tests have shown it’s safe and effective raises worries that politics will trump public health in the quest for a vaccine. The country’s plan to start mass inoculations as soon as October could put pressure on other governments to rush ahead of regulators and skip key steps, putting people who get ...

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India eyes global front runners in Covid-19 vaccine plan – india news

Covid-19 vaccines being developed by UK’s Oxford-AstraZeneca and United States’s Moderna-NIAID are the top candidates India is looking at for possible acquisition discussions, senior government officials aware of the country’s vaccine strategy said, adding that a group of experts spearheading the process will hold a crucial meeting on Monday with the heads of pharma firms involved in the development of ...

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Russia says Saudi Arabia will test controversial coronavirus vaccine – world news

Russia has reached an agreement in principle to conduct clinical trials of its controversial coronavirus vaccine in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, according to the head of its sovereign wealth fund. The Russians are working with a pharmaceutical company in the kingdom and have shared data from Phase I and Phase II trials with Saudi partners, the chief ...

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Russia produces first batch of itsCovid-19 vaccine – world news

Russia said on Saturday that it has produced the first batch of its coronavirus vaccine, after President Vladimir Putin announced it had been first in the world to approve a vaccine. The development came even as the total number of Covid-19 cases crossed the 21 million mark globally. The disease has claimed more than 766,000 lives so far. Putin’s announcement ...

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Russia produces first batch of Covid-19 vaccine ‘Sputnik V’: Report – world news

Russia has produced the first batch of its new vaccine for Covid-19, the Interfax news agency quoted the health ministry as saying on Saturday, hours after the ministry reported the start of manufacturing. Some scientists said they fear that with this fast regulatory approval Moscow may be putting national prestige before safety amid the global race to develop a vaccine ...

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