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‘That change in thinking has helped’: Jadeja recalls Dhoni’s advice on improving his shot selections

Ravindra Jadeja has become one of the best all-rounders in the world at this moment. Not only Jadeja can do the trick with his ball, he can also win matches with the bat, and moreover, he is an excellent fielder in the middle as well.

Jadeja’s batting prowess has improved over the years, and he has become a reliable lower-middle order batsman for India across formats. He has shown over the years that while he can smash boundaries and sixes at will, if needed he can also slow down things in the middle and hold on to one end in Tests.

But Jadeja’s batting had major issues when he started his international career. His shot selection had come under major criticism at a point, and it also saw him being in and out of the team at the time.

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In a recent interview with The Indian Express, Jadeja was asked about his struggles with the shot selection and what MS Dhoni told him about the same during the 2015 World Cup

“I remember he said that I was trying to hit shots against balls I shouldn’t be attempting,” Jadeja revealed.

“Shot selection was something I also felt I was doing wrong. My judgement at the start wasn’t right. I would be in double mind. ‘Should I go for the shot, or no?’ These days, I like to take my time and I am clearer in my mind. I know I can always cover up the runs later. That change in thinking has helped,” he added.

“About bouncers, yes when you hit a six against short ones, the confidence increases. I never had a problem against bouncers – as in I don’t remember getting out too many times to it or thinking I can’t play it. It was about the selection of shots and my balance,” he signed off.

Jadeja is expected to be a part of India playing XI in the World Test Championship final against New Zealand which will take place next month.

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