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‘That is why we are taking IPL to the UAE’: BCCI secretary explains decision to move T20 tournament outside India

The biggest takeaway from the BCCI’s AGM meeting on Saturday was a confirmation that the IPL 2021, which was suspended indefinitely earlier this month, its remaining matches would be contested in the UAE. Although no official dates have been announced, for the second year in a row, the IPL will be played in the UAE.

The decision to move the tournament outside of India was explained by BCCI secretary Jay Shah, who revealed that the call was taken considering the monsoon season in India. The BCCI is targeting a tentative window of September end to mid of October to conduct the remainder of the IPL, and the month of September witnesses a considerable amount of rainfall in the country.

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“See we took this decision to conduct IPL in the UAE because it will be monsoon here and it will not be feasible to hold matches here in September and that is why we are taking IPL to the UAE,” Shah told ANI.

“We are moving IPL to the UAE only due to weather restrictions as we cannot hold IPL here at the time of monsoon. How can we hold IPL in September in Mumbai or Ahmedabad or any other venues at the time of monsoon? It doesn’t make any sense.”

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The BCCI did not take a decision on the fate of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, which is scheduled to be held in India later this year. Due to the situation of Covid in the country, India could be in danger of losing the hosting rights to the T20 WC with the UAE once again being a strong candidate to stage the ICC event. Shah, however, said that a concrete decision would only be taken after a discussion with the ICC.

“And as far as the T20 world Cup is concerned, we will seek time from ICC and decide later. As of now, we are in the mind frame of holding tournaments in the safe zone and we will see how the situation is in the upcoming days. The only thing I can say for now is to seek time from ICC and decide accordingly,” Shah added.

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