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Vaccine stock left for just two days, waiting for allocation: TN govt | Latest News India

Tamil Nadu has vaccine stock remaining only for two more days, health officials told the media on Monday. The vaccination drive will be on hold unless the Centre either supplies 0.174 million doses pending in the May allocation or when the first consignment for June’s allocation arrives on the sixth. “We have directed officials in Chennai and other districts to complete administering of whatever vaccines are left. We will have to stop when there is zero stock, and we can only restart when we get the next supply,” health secretary J Radhakrishnan said.

As of Monday morning, after wastage, Tamil Nadu had around 0.493 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines in hand. Out of this, 0.269 million doses are for the 18-45 age group, and 0.224 million doses are for those above 45 years.

The state has informed the Centre of the shortage. “The Union government has allocated 2.043 million doses for May, and we have received 1.868 million doses,” Radhakrishnan said. “As of Monday, we are yet to receive a balance of 0.174 million doses from the allotment for May. We are not sure when it will reach Tamil Nadu, whether tomorrow or the day after. They (the Centre) have said that they will inform us in a couple of days. If we receive this soon, we will be able to continue vaccinating.”

For June, the Union government on Monday informed the state that 4.258 million doses will be allocated. “The only catch in this is that the first consignment in this allotment will reach Tamil Nadu only by June 6. The next supply will reach by June 9,” Radhakrishnan said, adding that due to supply issues across the country, they can only make allotments step-by-step despite doubling the allocation for Tamil Nadu. Three lakh doses are expected to arrive on June 6.

Tamil Nadu has received 9.618 million doses of vaccines to date, which were used to vaccinate 8.770 million people across age groups until May 30.

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