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Why will Covid-19 cases increase in winter? All you need to know – india news

Ahead of the onset of winter, experts are warning that the number of Covid-19 infections may see a sudden jump as the mercury dips. Russia and the United Kingdom are experiencing a second wave of Covid-19 aggravated by winter. There is no reason to dismiss the possibility of the same in India, Union health minister Harsh Vardhan said earlier. The Covid-19 expert panel, headed by VK Paul, also asserted that India must be ready to face a second wave during the winter.

Here is all you need to know about Covid-19 predictions in winter:

1. In the United Kingdom, Covid-19 cases registered a 40 per cent spike with the onset of winter.

2. Prediction is the UK will see 120,000 deaths in this winter.

3. During early months — just after the outbreak of the infection — it was rumoured that hot and cold weather can kill coronavirus. But the virus has survived summer and monsoon and is likely to escalate in winter.

4. Though there has been no confirmation on this, Covid-19 is likely to function like other flu viruses which thrive in winter conditions.

5. Studies suggest all respiratory pandemics including Spanish Flu, Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu did encounter a second wave after six months of the breakout. But for Covid-19, it will coincide with winter.

6. It will also be a year this November as the virus was first detected in Wuhan in November 2019.

7. Swine flu cases in Maharashtra had surged during winter, a study says.

8. People with respiratory problems suffer during winter. In India, pollution is likely to add to this as major cities are highly polluted.

9. Covid-19 has so far shown no behavioural change because of season change. But as the number of cases is increasing in countries where the temperature has started dipping, it is expected that Covid-19 will become more active during winter in India as well.

10. In November-December, there is likely to be more unlocking in India. The spillover of festive unlocking will continue in November and December with more trains, flights, inter-state travel, which might push Covid-19 cases higher. Many European countries are going under second lockdown now to check the number of cases.

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